Sports Massage


Many people who attend the gym regularly do not classify themselves as athletes. When we think of Athletes we often think of those like Husain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jennifer Radcliffe. An athlete is someone who is capable in sports and other physical exercise. If you are attending a gym regularly during the week you are technically, according to the dictionary an athlete. Whether that training is towards a weight goal, a health goal or just a way for you to de-stress from work and life you have your body in a regular activity role. You are therefore Athletic, even if you do not feel that you are.Many people who attend gyms don’t see the benefit of sports massage and don’t feel that it is for them.

However, we want you take a moment and consider it. Sports massage has been proven over the years to help reduce injury, to encourage blood flow around the muscles and to reduce muscle tears. How many of you experience the DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness)? We have all been there! Have you ever thought of booking a sports massage session to reduce this? Sports massage is a fantastic service that enables you to reach goals sooner. How this works is by reducing risk of injury, increasing recovery time which overall improves your performance and helps you to reach those goals sooner.

Sports massage is great for reducing tension between the muscles, it helps by reducing a lactic acid build up, increasing the blood flow to allow the movement of the lactic acid out of those vessels and out of the body. This increases flexibility in the muscles and increases the growth within the muscles. The best time to have a sports massage is straight after exercise to increase its efficiency. Here at Flexion we want to see you succeed and we want to see help you achieve your goals.



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